HORTON'S ANTIQUE CLOCKS                             JULY 2019


20.           $1200

Wm. L. Gilbert Clock Co. a top of the line mantel clock, the “Psyche”, ca 1885. I have owned and sold only three of this model previously. July 2010, sold for $1755, and July 2017 sold for $1600, and January 2019 sold for $1550. This one is exceptionally nice, a clean 24.5” high walnut case, original dark finish and polished. This one is more than a mantel clock, it is a parlor clock, a cut above most all mantel clocks, one you will be proud to display. It has several carvings, six turned finials, grooved designs, and some very special applied wood ornaments. There is a wonderful old glass in the door, a George B. Owen style barrel pendulum, and I would suspect that Owen designed the case. It has a replaced paper dial, but overall the clock is very nice to be 135 years old. Good nickeled bell, nickel dial rings, and an 8-day signed movement that is running and striking the bell. Ly-Gilbert #1022. $1500-$2000.


jul19_all_1021002.jpg jul19_all_1021001.jpg