HORTON'S ANTIQUE CLOCKS                             JULY 2019


23.           $1000

Chelsea Clock Company, extremely rare “Willard Banjo” with ships bell movement, ca 1927. I cannot find another example of a Chelsea banjo with ships bells although I know they made some. The company records show they began making them in 1927. The collector who owned this clock indicated he paid $2500 for it. The 43-inch mahogany case is original, clean, polished, and has no visible damage or repairs. Our collector would not have bought it if it were not near perfect. The hand painted glasses depict Perry’s victory over the British on Lake Erie in 1813. It has a brass eagle, brass winding key signed “Chelsea, brass side rails, brass bezel holding the bowed glass, two push button door latches, and round balls decorating the base. The case is marked “7” in several places. The 8-day lever movement is running and striking ships bells half hours and hours. The dial is signed, “Ships Bells” and “J. E. Caldwell & Co.”. They were the selling dealer. $1000-$2000.