HORTON'S ANTIQUE CLOCKS                             JULY 2019


24.           $1750

Diamond Head banjo timepiece by Wayne R. Cline, Bowling Green, Ky., ca 2000. Like new version of the style made by Daniel Monroe of Concord, Mass. Glasses were painted by Tom Moberg, the dial is signed by Cline and is in perfect condition. After inspecting the clock inside and out it apparently has never been run. The case is stamped “63” and has the serial number “C636 6904” stamped on the back meaning it was when Cline finished the clock. I don’t know the combination to those numbers. The case is 42 inches tall, has brass rails, eagle on the top, iron weight signed “Wayne Cline”, and brass pendulum bob with tie down. This is only the second Diamond Head made by Cline that I have sold. $2000-$3000.