HORTON'S ANTIQUE CLOCKS                             JULY 2019


26.           $1750

“Seth Thomas, Plymouth Hollow, Conn.”, printed on the label of this hanging, “Regulator No. 1 Extra”, ca 1863. I have several early trade catalogs dating back to 1863, and this model was pictured in the 1863 catalog. The Plymouth Hollow on the label and pendulum also dates the clock back to the 1860’s. Rosewood veneered case is 44” high, complete with all original parts. The doors have original glasses, key locking lower door and a locking knob on the bezel. The veneer is exceptional and if repairs have been made to the case, and it is reasonable to think there were, I cannot detect them. I do notice some rough places on the base caused by hauling the clock to me. The only change I see to the entire clock is a Dial House repainted dial. The hands, brass bob, gold stick, door key, sliding weight partition, beat scale, and the two old weights, are all near perfect and original. The weight partition board with the label attached is now covered with a piece of glass to prevent damage by the pendulum. The 8-day time and strike movement is   pictured in Ly-Seth Thomas #846-A. Other photos of the No. 1 Extra are on pages 272-273. This clock has been hanging in the home of a long-time collector until removed to our location. Mr. Ly’s panel of experts give the No. 1 Extra Time and Strike, a book value of $5000. Our experience has shown that this model in excellent condition should bring $4000-$6000. Wait a minute, that was years ago. Now one of my favorite clocks is selling for chickenfeed. This clock even has the special Seth Thomas pendulum with the factory engraved and is signed by Seth Thomas at Plymouth Hollow. The pendulum alone is worth a ton. Also the time and strike models are exceptionally rare. $2000-$3000.


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