HORTON'S ANTIQUE CLOCKS                             JULY 2019


28.           $1200

Foster Campos Massachusetts Shelf Clock, commonly called the “Brides Clock”, probably ca around 1970. The number on the case is, “46  04”. This is a beautiful clock, expertly constructed, as were all of Mr. Campos’s clocks. The glass on top is signed by Mr. Campos, his typical pine tree is on the bottom of the dial, and the weight is signed by Mr. Campos. The mahogany case is about 35 inches tall, painted off white, hence the Brides Clock name, has ripple like molding around both Tom Moberg glasses and painted designs on the base, and four turned feet underneath. The movement is typical Mass. shelf 8-day, one weight, time only piece with passing strike feature striking once on the hours, brass pendulum bob, and an iron weight. It is running of course. $1500-$2000.


jul19_all_1029002.jpg jul19_all_1029001.jpg