HORTON'S ANTIQUE CLOCKS                             JULY 2019


32.           $6500

Seth Thomas Clock Co. “Regulator No. 8”, ca 1889. The cherry (or walnut) case is 56 inches tall and known as the “long version”. The cherry No. 8 we sold in the Oct. 2005 auction was 52 inches tall and is called the “short version”. Incidentally, we sold that clock for $10,500. How many of these have you seen. Surely a few have surfaced but the only sales of a No. 8 I can find are 3 of mine. I cannot find any glaring deficiencies to this No. 8. I would call it near perfect but you might find a nick on the case somewhere. It is possible the dial was repainted years ago but I cannot detect it. The case is clean and polished and has been a part of my Seth Thomas collection for several years. The accessories, pendulum, weight, bell, pulley, etc. are all brass. Both doors lock on the side. The 8-day time only movement is signed and running properly. The hands, locks, and all accessories are correct. Ly-Seth Thomas, page 286. $7500-$10,000.