HORTON'S ANTIQUE CLOCKS                             JULY 2019


36.           $4500

Seth Thomas Clock Co. Regulator No. 10. ST originally made this model in the 1884-1904 time period and collectors have always considered this model STís most desirable clock. We have seen sales of this model at $150,000 and more. An American cabinetmaker crafted this clock a few years ago using cherry wood and near identical metal accessories. The clock has been hanging in my office for years where it was examined and admired by all visitors, but it is now time to let someone else enjoy it as much as I have. The large 14-inch dial was professionally created and painted. The hands are correct for this model. The second hand is in the bottom of the case as I prefer it not on the dial. The maker of my clock sold another on eBay a few weeks ago for over $6000 and it was not cherry. The 8-day time only movement is running perfectly. Ly-Seth Thomas, page 288. $5000-$6000.