HORTON'S ANTIQUE CLOCKS                             JULY 2019


38.           $750

“G. A. Jones & Co. / New York”, label on the back of this “Hanging Monogram” model made possibly made in 1870 or earlier. Henry J. Davies was plant manager for Jones and in 1873 he acquired control of the company and sold the old stock of Jones clocks and continued to produce the same models Jones had made. The Ansonia Brass & Copper Company also offered some of his models and supplied movements to Davies. This clock has a new Ansonia dial. Perhaps it was as close as they could find to fit the winding arbors. On the other hand, Ansonia did sell many of Davies/Jones clocks even before Ansonia bought out Davies. The 8-day movement is time only, unsigned and held to the case by 2 wood strips, and it is running. The fancy pendulum was probably a Jones or Davies product. The walnut case is 29 inches tall, complete and original and has all 6 of the original finials. This clock is pictured in Ly-Ansonia #547, with the same pendulum. It shows ca 1874, and as being a product of Ansonia Brass & Copper Co. Ly-Ansonia, page 169. $750-$1000.


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