HORTON'S ANTIQUE CLOCKS                             JULY 2019


43.                 $250

Seth Thomas Clock Co. a City Series clock, “Carson”, ca 1885. Only three of their City Series clocks were metal or part metal, the Carson, Austin, and Dallas. The latter two were not solid metal like the Carson. Some folks call the “Paris” model a City Series, but I disagree. It was made 25 years after the above three clocks and not like any other City Series clock. We have sold many Carson’s over the years, some with a bronze alligator panel on the front, and some having a solid brass panel, such as this one. In my opinion they made the Carson both ways. The case has been polished bright. You can see yourself on the bright metal. It is complete, and I will say restored, only because it has been polished. The case is 14.5” high, full columns on the front, four finials on top, four brass feet, large ornament above the one piece signed porcelain dial. The dial is perfect, hands are correct, and has a French sash with a beveled glass, over the dial. The 8-day movement is signed, the brass bell, the plates and wheels are shining as bright as the case. The back of the case is wood, and it has a key lock. Ly-Seth Thomas #517. $300-$500.