HORTON'S ANTIQUE CLOCKS                             JULY 2019


45.           $1000

Ansonia Clock Co. crystal regulator, the ever-popular model, “Utopia”, ca 1914. Ansonia made a great number of different crystal regulators, I would guess over one hundred models, but this model has long been a favorite of decorators who buy from us. I have kept only three crystal regulators in my home, the Excelsior, Utopia and its mate, the Jupiter. Almost all the crystal regulators have the ever-present polished brass rectangular box with four beveled glasses. It is the attached ornaments that differentiate them. All the attachments, except the four cut glass columns, are what they called, “Rich Gold Ornaments”. All four glasses are beveled plate glass, front and back doors bowed, and all are perfect. The movement is 8-day, half hour and hour strike on a gong, signed, clean, and running strong. Two-piece porcelain dial, both dials signed, open escapement, and original hands. The pendulum is correct; there is an Ansonia key, and all clock ornaments and internal parts are correct. The case has been kept clean and polished. We shave sold this same model years ago for over $3200. Ly-Ansonia, page 119. $1200-$1500.