HORTON'S ANTIQUE CLOCKS                             JULY 2019


48.           $1600

Waterbury Clock Company “Regulator No. 5”, ca 1886. Walnut case is 69.5” high, has a cabinet finish (says the books) glass sides, and a large glass in the door. Carvings on the top, on the door, and the base, none elaborate, but all are low profile on the case. Deep grooves down the door facing, the base, and top. Some repairs have been made to the top trim pieces, not noticeable unless you are a diligent inspector.  It has an 8-day, two weight, time only movement, beats seconds, has dead beat escapement and retaining power. Painted metal dial is signed, has minimal wear, with practically no paint loss, and three original hands. What paint loss there is is mostly around the screws and that was touched up. Long wood stick, brass bob, signed brass beat scale, and two brass weights. A very rare Waterbury regulator in very nice original condition. We sold a 2 weight in our July 2002 auction and a 1 weight in a more recent auction for $7800, but I can find no other sales at auctions anywhere. Ly-Waterbury, page 176, pictures and describes the clock. His price guide dated 2001 shows a value of $7000. Our estimate $1750-$2500.