HORTON'S ANTIQUE CLOCKS                             JULY 2019


49.           $1000

George A. Jones & Co. Bristol, Conn. and New York City. This rare wall clock is the “Fritz” model, ca 1865-1870. Jones is not as well-known as many clockmakers but he for sure made some very unusual, very nice, and now very rare clocks. This mahogany case is 46 inches high and appears to be all original with the possible exception of the three finials on the bottom. The pendulum is hung thru the small glass door. I could not hang the pendulum for the picture but believe me the time only eight-day movement is running. You can only get one hand thru the door to hang the pendulum and after a while I gave up. The brass bezel is hinged at the top, dial is excellent, appears old, but on the other hand too nice to be original. No label, but there is evidence on the back that it probably had a label. $1000-$1500.