HORTON'S ANTIQUE CLOCKS                             JULY 2019


50.           $500

French Empire marble and bronze clock standing 23 inches tall. This is surely the finest clock of this type we have ever sold. It had to be a major attraction in the consignor’s home. It is a clock you want to display in a prominent place, not in the garage or basement where most of mine seem to reside. The consignor indicated there was very minor damage on top of two of the columns. I could not find it, did not see any damage, but eventually by rubbing my fingers on the columns I found a couple of scales that you cannot even see. All of the metal pieces are topflight, two or three piece dial, French hands, capitals and bases on the four columns, applied bronze ornaments on the top and base, the four feet, and the extra nice large pendulum. The back cover is hinged and perforated to allow the nice sound of the bell ringing. The 8-day French movement is running and striking the nickel bell. The movement is signed only, “Made in France”. There are no other identification markings evident. FYI- there was a period in the French clockmaking history when clockmakers were not allowed to put their names on their clocks. $1000-$1500.


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