HORTON'S ANTIQUE CLOCKS                             JULY 2019


370.           $100

Seth Thomas ?? Column clock. My clock “experts” cannot reach agreement on this clock. I will tell you what I see then tell you what the naysayers see. I see a “Seth Thomas Column No.1 – ca.1863”. Reference -  Ly-Seth Thomas #1737. This is the first early ST column clock I have seen with marquetry and feet. It is a great looking clock case. Someone for whatever reason installed a movement that required the pendulum to go in the base of the case which necessitated cutting a hole in the case back to hang the pendulum. They changed the dial, gong and weights. The wafer weights appear exact to ST wafer weights except they are filled with buckshot or something similar. Bottom line, this could be a super clock. Naysayers think that Bubba installed the marquetry, feet, movement, etc. I don’t think Bubba had brains to do that.  


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