HORTON'S ANTIQUE CLOCKS                             JULY 2019


371.           $200

Junghans shelf clock, plays Westminster Chimes, ca 1915. Large 8-day brass movement rests on a wood seat board, five long chime rods descend from the case top diagonally to the bottom of the case and are struck by five chime hammers. The movement is signed by Junghans, it has the correct pendulum and a key, and is running and performing properly. Hinged and latching back door. The mahogany case is 17 inches high, has a couple of scuffed places that should cover with some stain. Large Cathedral style brass dial plate, silver dial time ring and two subsidiary rings, chime/silent, and slow/fast. All the hands, indicators, and rings are in excellent condition.   Large beveled glass in the cathedral style door. The lock on that door is missing.  The clocks is not running or striking. A very expensive looking clock for this low minimum.