HORTON'S ANTIQUE CLOCKS                             JULY 2019


378.           $400

Bundy Manufacturing Co. Binghampton, NY, makers of the famous Bundy Time Recorders. The company eventually became part of IBM. They made Regulators as well as Time Recorders. This clock has always been a regulator. The oak case is 43 inches high with several carved pieces and even the dial board is carved. It is so heavy it takes two people to handle it. You can tell where a trim piece may have been broken and glued in place. The paper dial on a metal pan is original. The hands, silver beat scale, and large winding key, are all original. There is a door lock and key. On the bottom of the dial board is a silver tag showing the company name, and patent dates. The nickel pendulum bob is the superb Seth Thomas bob with “BMCo” etched into the nickel finish. The wood stick was broken and professionally repaired. The large 8-day solid plate movement is running robustly. This clock is complete and original, a little dark from age or smoke, but no one has offered to clean it, preferring I suppose to keep the original finish. If you check the Bundymuseum.com website, you will notice that this identical clock is the sixth clock shown in their museum gallery display. $500-$800.