HORTON'S ANTIQUE CLOCKS                             JULY 2019


504.    $900

Seth Thomas “Garfield”, ca. 1883.  This classic, weight-driven shelf clock is 30 inches high, named after the second US president to be assassinated, in 1881.  The case is walnut in an old if not original finish and with a nice amount of “patina”.  The glass is original, the dial repainted long ago; the hands are original, as is the pendulum and bob. The dial trim, weights, and damascened pendulum bob are nickel-plated; the weights and bob could use a bit of polish and the weights do not match and are not Seth Thomas issue.  A decent label inside on the bottom, no date on the back of the case.  The movement is correct to this model and is running, but would benefit from service.  We sold this clock in 2017 for $1525. $1200-$1500.

jul19_all_6018005.jpg jul19_all_6018004.jpg jul19_all_6018003.jpg jul19_all_6018002.jpg jul19_all_6018001.jpg