HORTON'S ANTIQUE CLOCKS                             JULY 2019


507.    $1700

Pennsylvania tall-case clock, ca. 1800.  This appears to be a late 1700ís-early 1800ís Pennsylvania clock with a 30-hour brass time-and-strike, single-weight pull-up movement in a case built for it.  The clock is running and striking. There is a clean (repainted) metal dial behind a very old glass; the 91-inch walnut case has a broken-arch top with carved rosettes and flame finials, an arched dial door flanked by four turned columns, and a tombstone waist door with reeded quarter-columns on a base with ogee-bracket feet.  The overall style suggests a Pennsylvania origin, likely Philadelphia.  The clock hands may be replacements.  There are a number of newspaper clippings taped to the door describing this and similar clocks.  This is a fine example of an early brass movement Pennsylvania tall-case; the case and finish are excellent and the dial quite nice. Note the shield-like emblem on the base.  $1700-$2500. 

Need delivery?  Contact Todd for a delivery estimate (e.g., $250 if you live <325 mi from Lexington).

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