HORTON'S ANTIQUE CLOCKS                             JULY 2019


509.    $350

Waterbury “Regulator No. 20”, ca. 1906.  A 38-inch oak case refinished nicely in a medium-dark tone and a dial repainted by the Dial House in 1976.  Replacement hands including the seconds hand, a replaced dial back support, and I would guess both glasses replaced.  After all that it is really a nice looking timepiece, driven by two wafer weights running down each side.  The high-quality movement is correct and is signed Waterbury, running and keeping time.  You can find this model on page 186 of Ly’s 2nd edition of Waterbury Clocks and Watches.  At this price a bargain for a weight-driven regulator. Recent sales on the east coast range from $325-$500. 

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