HORTON'S ANTIQUE CLOCKS                             JULY 2019


510.     $550

Waterbury “Augusta”, ca. 1893.  This is a great looking clock with a clean medium oak finish and all the brass ornaments with a nice patina.  The silvered dial has almost certainly been refinished, and the center section states “WATERBURY CLOCK CO.”  The hands are grandfather clock hands similar to the Waterbury hands that would have been on this model.  The weights are appropriate (the Augusta did not have knurled weights), but I think they are tall-case weights. The weight chains are correct and even have acorns on the ends.  Now we come to the problem:  the pendulum is not correct, and it prevents the clock from running.  The pendulum on the Augusta hangs just below the shield at the bottom of the well, and is much shorter than the one on this clock.  Here the stick is too long and the bob is not a Waterbury bob.  If you remove the pendulum stick the clock runs just fine (fast, of course).  The movement is a Waterbury 8-day time-and-strike, striking on a cathedral gong above the movement.  If you could find (or make) a proper pendulum I believe this clock would be quite nice. All the wood appears original and all the ornaments are present.  Minor issues we found: the tail of the right dragon ornament has been repaired, and there is no label left on back, only a repairer’s label.  We have sold Augusta’s in the last several years for $1175 and $1310; we’re offering this one at less than half that.

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