HORTON'S ANTIQUE CLOCKS                             JULY 2019


511.      $500

Wm. Gilbert “Regulator No. 65”, ca. 1910.  This 50-inch model came in oak or cherry and had a little brother (Regulator No. 64) that looks identical but is only 42 inches tall.  This one has an old refinish on the oak case with a 10-inch paper dial, replaced long ago, and an inset seconds dial.  Both dials show some staining and yellowing; the hands look correct.  The 8-day time-only regulator movement is unsigned, running, and keeping time.  It has a nickel bezel, a nickel-plated weight, and a nickel pendulum bob with some losses to the finish.  The interior has been repainted black as it was originally.  There is also a simple beat scale that matches the one shown in the catalog (page 141 of Ly’s Gilbert Clocks), and there is a nice label on the back.  The door glass has been replaced.  I can find no sales records for this model in the Antique Clocks Price Guide and we have not sold one in the last 5 years.  Be the first one on your block to own this uncommon model!  $500-$1000.

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