HORTON'S ANTIQUE CLOCKS                             JULY 2019


512.     $100

Black Forest clock/thermometer/barometer, ca. 1800?  Thereís no name or label on this 25-inch carved oak weather station but we assume it is from Germany or England.  The lever movement clock is running and keeping time but stops erratically, so it likely needs service.  It also has an alarm function indicated by the small sub-dial above the six but the alarm hand is missing.  It strikes on a small bell and sets from the back.  The clock winds and sets from the back as well, and we have a double key that fits all three winding shafts.  The mercury thermometer is working and correct and the barometer also appears to be working.  There is no glass over the time dial and it isnít clear to me that there ever was. $100-$300.

jul19_all_6026003.jpg jul19_all_6026002.jpg jul19_all_6026001.jpg