HORTON'S ANTIQUE CLOCKS                             JULY 2019


515.     $1000

HJ Davies “Four-post Crystal Palace”, ca. 1880.  This is a rare crystal palace that we first offered and sold last January for a tidy sum.  We broke the dome on delivery and refunded the buyer.  Now it is back with a new antique dome that is just a bit too tall, but otherwise fits perfectly.  It stands 20 inches high with the dome and 17 inches without.  The mahogany base is 12 inches wide and holds the patented Davies two-barrel pendulum in a glass box with the original mirror behind.  The three glasses are almost certainly also original.  The 5-inch paper dial is in good shape and probably an old replacement.  The 8-day time and strike movement is signed HJ Davies | New York and is running and striking like a champ.  This model is described on page 102 of Ly’s book Ansonia Clocks & Watches.  A note on the back of the case states that “Father bought this clock at auction in Baltimore MD in 1873”.  We can find no sales records for this model, but based on the bidding in January would expect this clock to sell for over $2500.  $1500-$3000.

jul19_all_6029005.jpg jul19_all_6029004.jpg jul19_all_6029003.jpg jul19_all_6029002.jpg jul19_all_6029001.jpg