HORTON'S ANTIQUE CLOCKS                             JULY 2019


516.     $325

Ansonia “Blazon”, ca. 1914.  A green onyx crystal regulator with an 8-day hour and half-hour rack-and-snail gong strike, visible escapement with ruby pallets and a porcelain dial.  It stands 13.25 inches high with beveled glasses all around in good condition, polished brass and green onxy top and bottom with minimal cracking and no chips.  There are some noticeable hairlines in the dial.  The clock is running and striking as expected.  I can’t find any sales records for this model, but similar green onyx regulators such as the Ambassador sell for upwards of $300.  $350-$500.

jul19_all_6030004.jpg jul19_all_6030003.jpg jul19_all_6030002.jpg jul19_all_6030001.jpg