HORTON'S ANTIQUE CLOCKS                             JULY 2019


517.     $45

Seth Thomas “Round Band”, 1865-1913.  Seth Thomas listed Round Bands unchanged in their catalogs for 50 years!  Think of that, you could be born and grow old and they’d still be making the same clock.  Today the lifetime of the average retail product is what, 2 years?  Probably less.  At 16 inches high and just a simple box to assemble with some simple trim, how could they lose?  Most were made with a mahogany veneer, often with a contrasting striped mahogany veneer between the edge and door moldings.  You could collect these just for their tablets, every one interesting.  They came with a sturdy ST movement, usually one-day spring and strike on a gong or bell, but you can find them with 8-day movements.  This is a one-day striking on a wire gong, but with an alarm that strikes on an iron bell.  The movement is signed and running; the label is Thomaston as are almost all.  The metal dial shows some wear but the ST logo is present.  There is a chip or two on the side veneer and the hour hand suffered a loss.  A pink and white rose on the tablet with very little loss.  Nice. $50-$100.

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