HORTON'S ANTIQUE CLOCKS                             JULY 2019


519.     $45

Seth Thomas ďRound BandĒ, 1865-1913.  This Round Band has a Thomaston label and a Plymouth-signed 30-hour movement; assuming the movement isnít a replacement, it was likely made in the 1860ís with a movement from before the name change in 1865 from Plymouth Hollow to Thomaston to honor Seth Thomasís death in 1859.  The mahogany veneer is quite nice, with a not-too-glossy finish.  Both glasses are old, the delightful tablet depicting children performing a play I think, possibly a Shakespeare play (note the last child in line).  The gilding that should surround the image has been lost, and the black background is also peeling.  The dial has been repainted, the hands are new.  It is running and striking.  $50-$100.

jul19_all_6033002.jpg jul19_all_6033001.jpg