HORTON'S ANTIQUE CLOCKS                             JULY 2019


520.    $45

Seth Thomas “Round Band”, 1865-1913.  Here’s a Round Band with an uncommon round 30-hour movement signed “Seth Thomas, Plymouth Conn.”  The label says Thomaston, so the clock was likely made in the late 1860’s with an old movement. The round movement is shown on page 651 of Ly’s Vol. 2 on Seth Thomas clocks and was used in early cottage and O.G. Kitchen clocks as well.  The mahogany veneer is very nice here, with some chipping at the top of the door.  Both glasses are old, the tablet of an eagle flying a letter has lost its black background (easy to restore).  The dial is chipping badly.  The movement is running and striking on a wire gong, while the alarm strikes on an iron bell mounted over the gong.  This one is a keeper for the movement.  $50-$100.

jul19_all_6034002.jpg jul19_all_6034001.jpg