HORTON'S ANTIQUE CLOCKS                             JULY 2019


522.    $30

Seth Thomas “O.G. Kitchen”, 1863-1875.  Similar to the Round Band but with flat mahogany veneer surfaces around the outer edge and door, just under 16 inches high.  Both glasses are old, but the Masonic glass is an image of some sort in front of a piece of cardboard.  Clocks with Masonic glasses used to be highly valued, but I think the Masonic crowd has largely passed on.  Masonic membership peaked in the late 1950’s at over 4 million but is now only slightly over a million.  Still seems like a lot…  Masonic membership is most popular in the Midwest, followed by the South.  This is a 30-hour movement with a Plymouth origin, but the label is lost; we can assume it was made in the 1860’s.  It is running and striking on a wire gong, and there is an alarm that strikes on a bell above the gong.  The contoured dial has been repainted.  $35-$75.

jul19_all_6036002.jpg jul19_all_6036001.jpg