HORTON'S ANTIQUE CLOCKS                             JULY 2019


524.    $600

Southern Calendar Clock Co. “Fashion No. 9”, ca. 1889.  The New Haven Clock Co. manufactured clocks with a simple calendar mechanism for the SCCC for a short while after the SCCC failed and reformed in 1889.  These clocks are very similar, but not identical, to the clocks NHCC made for the National Calendar Clock Co. about that time.  These heavy, walnut-cased clocks had black dials with gold lettering, finials that differed from earlier Fashion clocks, and of course, just a simple calendar. This clock was found in pieces and restored – see the 1960’s era picture that accompanies this clock.  The dials were touched up by The Dial House, the hands are not the original brass hands, but black hands painted gold; the door glass is old but certainly a replacement, the lettering is correct.  The finials are correct and there is a nice label in the bottom.  This model is illustrated on page 291 of Ly’s book Calendar Clocks.  The movements are correct, signed “New Haven”, running, striking, and the calendar is advancing.  It is 32 inches tall to the top of the center finial.  We sold two Fashion No. 9’s in 2017 for $777 and $860.  The black dials make this a desirable clock.  $750-$1000.

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