HORTON'S ANTIQUE CLOCKS                             JULY 2019


525.    $115

Ansonia “Angelo”, ca. 1880.  This clock most closely resembles the Angelo but differs in the pattern imprinted on the sides and top, along with an outside escapement that was not offered on the Angelo shown in the 1880 catalog. The two-part porcelain dial is signed, with a bit of a chip and crack at the strike-side winding port.  The glass is beveled, the finish overall is excellent, with no nicks, scrapes, or dull spots; it stands 12.5 inches high and is running and striking on the hours and half-hours.  It has an 8-day Ansonia movement with nickel plates.  $125-$175.

jul19_all_6039003.jpg jul19_all_6039002.jpg jul19_all_6039001.jpg