HORTON'S ANTIQUE CLOCKS                             JULY 2019


526.    $175

Wm. Gilbert Clock Co. “Vista”, ca. 1913.  The Vista is 10.5 inches high in a Rich Gold Plate Finish, highly polished with beveled plate glasses all around.  It has a porcelain dial with the Gilbert Visible Escapement and Patent Beat Adjuster; there are a couple of faint hairlines.  The signed 8-day movement strikes the hours on a cathedral gong and the half-hours on a cup bell; it is running and striking as required.  I think this guy looks pretty good for 106 years, don’t you? One sold at RO Schmitt’s in 2014 for $225.  $175-$250.

jul19_all_6040004.jpg jul19_all_6040003.jpg jul19_all_6040002.jpg jul19_all_6040001.jpg