HORTON'S ANTIQUE CLOCKS                             JULY 2019


527.    $1500

Geo. Jardin Tall-case clock, ca. 1770-1800.  An 85-inch mahogany case with a broken arch top and a single center wood finial.  The case is in remarkably good condition with no missing trim, scratches, and minimal splitting. It holds an 8-day movement, bell strike on top and calendar, behind an arched brass dial, brass spandrels, and a silver medallion in the arch signed “Geo Jardin Glasgow”.  There are repairs to the bell.  The clock is running and striking, and we have documentation of its shipment to San Francisco in 1930 from Wishaw (Glasgow) Scotland.   A very similar clock sold on Everything But The House out of Cincinnati in 2015 for $2000.  $1500-$2500.

Need delivery?  Contact Todd for a delivery estimate (e.g., $250 if you live < 325 mi from Lexington).

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