HORTON'S ANTIQUE CLOCKS                             JULY 2019


528.    $1625

Seth Thomas “Office Calendar No. 3”, ca. 1863.  Commonly called the “Peanut”, a highly sought-after early calendar wall clock from Seth Thomas.  This model had some unique characteristics: it used a round movement, time-only, that had two small springs and ran 8 days.  This is the only clock that used that movement; it also had ST trademark hands. The walnut case is 23 inches tall; I would guess that the two bezels have been re-veneered by a good woodworker.  I would also guess that both dials are old (very old) repaints, with some chips and peeling.  The calendar roller covers must be original as they are in brittle shape and yellowed.  The clock is running and keeping time, but only the weekday calendar is working, the other mechanisms will need some adjustment but appear complete.  We have a key for the door lock and to wind the clock. We sold one in January for $2465.  $1800-$2500.

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