HORTON'S ANTIQUE CLOCKS                             JULY 2019


534.    $1400

Seth Thomas Regulator No. 1 Extra, ca. 1875.  The 40-inch case is veneered in rosewood and in outstanding condition – I see no repairs and only a chip and scrape or two.  I wouldn’t exclude the possibility that the bezel was re-veneered, as it is practically perfect.  The dial was repainted some time ago and has just a little bit of chipping at the winding arbor and screw mounts.  The old lower glass has been rebacked and the gesso gilding is in good shape.  The dial glass is also old, and the hands are correct.  There is a nice weight shield with label and beat scale at the bottom.  This case contains a round time-only movement thought to be from Silas B Terry’s business before Thomas bought him out in 1875, making this an early model (see page 272 of Ly’s Seth Thomas Clocks and Movements, Vol. 1).  The weight is correct; the pendulum stick and bob correct but the bob has been polished thin.  Note the pendulum leveling adjustment on the movement crutch.  The clock is running, not robustly, but running steadily when you get the hour hand and seconds hand positioned properly.  We sold one with a Terry movement in 2016 for over $1900. 

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