HORTON'S ANTIQUE CLOCKS                             JULY 2019


536.    $325

Isaac Packard column & splat, ca. 1835.  Packard died in 1837 at the age of 41; there are only two Packard clocks listed in the Antique Clocks Price Guide, but he also worked with Rodney Brace, in North West Bridgewater MA. He often used Torrington wooden movements, as found here.  This clock is 31 inches tall with an outstanding reverse-painted portrait of a woman reading at a table outdoors.  This is the original painting, but it has been touched up and the upper background redone. You can see these spot retouches in the back-side photo and with backlighting (see both photos).  Both glasses are presumably original as they show no signs of ever being replaced, based on the putty holding them in.  The wooden dial is likely original as well but shows its age with significant paint loss and soiling.  The hands are period but probably not original.  In contrast, the half-columns and splat have been professionally repainted and rebronzed.  The door latch is not correct, but the original latch mechanism is included, without a handle.  There is an excellent label inside that includes the 1830 census for 26 states and territories.  The back retains remnants of wallpaper that may also be original.  We hung the two 30-hour weights and the clock ran for the 10 minutes we tested it.  Moving the hands forward caused it to ďalarmĒ for striking, but it would not strike.  You can work on that small problem.  We havenít sold a Packard clock in recent times, and very few Torrington (east-west) movement clocks; we sold a Norris North column & splat in January for $550.  $350-$550.

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