HORTON'S ANTIQUE CLOCKS                             JULY 2019


537.    $350

Chauncey Ives pillar & scroll, 1811-1838.  A 31-inch clock (including the old brass finials) with original glasses (based on the putty).  The central portion of the tablet has been repainted; the surround is original. Neither glass appears to have been out of the door.  The tablet glass is cracked in the lower left corner but is secure and the cracks are hard to notice.  I donít see any repairs to the scroll top, and it looks very old.  A tip is missing from the right side of the feet and base, but otherwise it looks all original as well.  An old dial, a Terry-type wooden 30-hour movement, and two old weights; when we hung the weights it ran for just a few minutes before stopping.  There is a nice label inside. The ivory escutcheon is broken; otherwise, all this clock needs is a coat of wax.  $350-$550.

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