HORTON'S ANTIQUE CLOCKS                             JULY 2019


719.           $75

Seth Thomas Clock Co. City Series clock, “Albert”, ca 1886. Walnut veneered case is 16 ˝ inches tall, complete and original. The glasses are original, some flaking on the bottom glass. Dial is original, but paint is fading. It appears someone cleaned it and used something besides water. It is streaked. It has a door latch and gold paint around the outside of the door and inside, around the glasses. It has a complete label, coil gong, old pendulum, and a 30-hour time and strike movement that is running. I have collected City Series clocks for 45 years, bought and sold hundreds, and still have a bunch. This is only the second “Albert” I have had. They must be rare. Ly-Seth Thomas #504. $100-$200.