HORTON'S ANTIQUE CLOCKS                             JULY 2019


722.           $100

“Birge, Mallory and Co. Bristol, Conn.”, 8-day, weight driven movement in an extra-large OG case, ca 1838-1843. We have never offered this rare model before. The 32-inch mahogany veneered case has a few minor repairs. The strap brass movement is signed, “BM&Co”, most of the label is intact, and the painted tablet was replaced with a reverse painting by Tom Moberg on old glass, just like the original. The movement was restored also and is in excellent running condition. A similar clock is shown on page 74 of “American Shelf and Wall Clocks”, by Robert W. D. Ball, and it is only 29 ˝ inches tall. The dial, large iron weights, and pendulum bob, appear to be original. Around 1859 the back of the clock was papered with a newspaper front page dated January 1859. The paper was published by the, “Sunday Missouri Republican”, a daily newspaper in business in Saint Louis from 1854-1869. $150-$300.

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