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Banjo Clocks 563-711

563.     $900

E. Howard Banjo No. 5, ca. 1874.  The smallest of the Howard banjos at 29 inches high, in “well-seasoned hardwood, stained in imitation of rosewood, and polished.  For use in dwelling-houses, offices and rooms, they are well adapted.” This clock retains the rosewood staining quite nicely; all three glasses are old, possibly repainted, possibly rebacked.  There is some lifting of the black background paint in the throat section.  The dial was probably repainted some time ago as it shows age.  The hands are correct.  The movement is signed and running, driven by an appropriate weight.  There is a weight shield, a pendulum tie-down, and an instruction label on the bottom.  The damascened pendulum bob is old, the pendulum stick may be new.  There are screws securing the base to the case where the weight may have knocked it off.  All in all a better than average example particularly with regard to the grain painted finish, which is often worn off.  A couple of sales on eBay in 2016, both over $1500.  $1000-$1200.

Interior-1      Interior-2      Label     Movement      Base

711.       $50

4 clocks.  1. New Haven automobile clock. Not running.  2. Carriage clock, 7 inches high. Alarm plays music. Clean and running.  3. Seth Thomas “Homestead”. Extra nice and running.  4. Seth Thomas “Homestead”. Extra nice and running.  $50-$100.

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