Calendar Clocks 342-504
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342.     $400

“Welch, Spring & Co., Forestville, Conn.”, calendar clock, “Italian No.3”, ca 1872. Ly-Welch #98 and Ly-Calendar #847 show the Italian models at 16 inches tall, this model is 18 ½ inches tall. I notice one sold at a live auction recently that was 19 ½ inches that was identical to this clock and they called it a variant. It is 8-day, spring driven, time, strike and B. B. Lewis patent calendar shelf clock in a rosewood case. It is running, of course, and the calendar is operating properly as well. There are two perfect labels inside, one on the backboard and one over the calendar movement. The dials are probably replacements as they are too nice to be original. The door latches, pendulum, hands, and coil gong all look to be original. Cannot swear the 5 hands are original but I suspect they are. $500-$750.

370.     $425

New Haven Clock Co. 30-day calendar clock, “Rutland”, ca 1914. This clock is about the best the company made as far as being a 30-day clock and having the calendar in the same case. They may have made a few cases a little fancier, but they did not have any more behind the glass. The case is mahogany, standing 48” high, has been restored to tip top condition. Case was cleaned inside and out for there is evidence it was once very smoky dark. The dials were surely repainted some time ago as they are exactly as the originals, and the metal parts polished and are shining. The Time dial is signed simply, “Thirty Day”. The calendar dial has the New Haven name and logo at the top between the 31 and 1. Around the calendar numerals circle is printed, “Thirty Day Clock / Wind Clock And Set Calendar First Of Every Month”. The four hands are correct, cannot be sure if original, one door latch on the side, the glass is original and does not appear to have been removed during the cleaning of the 48” mahogany case. Inside is a signed beat scale, brass pendulum bob, wood stick, and nickeled dial rings. I suspect the pendulum was nickeled but came off during a cleaning. The case is typical New Haven, large and heavy, plain with applied ornaments top and bottom, only one is carved, others are turnings. Ly-New Haven, page 80. $500-$750.


383.     $150

Sessions Clock Co. store regulator/shop clock, “Regulator No. 2”, ca 1908. The oak case is about 38” high, restored, now very clean, and is complete. The movement is 8-day time and calendar, with the original dial and pendulum. The movement has been serviced and is a good runner. The dial paper is old, therefore shows some oil spots and handling. The top glass is original the bottom is a replacement. A great looking clock that is clean and ready to hang and enjoy or sell. Ly-Sessions, page 82. $150-$250.


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385.     $150

Sessions Clock Co. calendar clock, “Regulator No. 2”, with a Calumet Baking Powder advertising glass, ca 1910. The clock is their “Regulator No. 2”, an oak case that has been restored and now has a replaced base and a reproduction Calumet glass. There is a partial paper label on the back. It has it all, original door hooks, original hands, dial, glasses, key, and the signed 8-day time/calendar movement. It runs fine but we have not tinkered with anything. We left it like it came to us and is original except where noted. We wish the Calumet glass was100 years old like the case. We have sole a couple with the original glass and this one is identical.  Ly-Sessions, page 71. $200-$300.

386.     $150

E. Ingraham & Co. hanging calendar clock, “Northwestern”, ca 1915. Solid oak case is 39” tall, clean, polished, and completely original. Their typical paper label, although very small, is intact on the back. It is a waste of my time to comment on every piece of these near perfect clocks. If you insist that I point out insignificant things I will say, some of the paint on the word “REGULATOR” is slightly faded and some of the painted designs on the bottom glass also has a minute bit of paint loss. The 102-year-old dial is scarcely dirty, and there may be a teensy bit too much polish on the wood case. The brass pendulum bob, wood stick, and the hands are all original to this clock. I wish I had room to hang it in my house. Ly-Ingraham #291. $200-$350.

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504.     $1100

Southern Calendar Clock Co. “Fashion No. 4”, 1875-1889.  Solid walnut with an old finish, 32 inches high with center finial.  Finials are old and one has lost its spire.  The dials show an old crackled paint that I don’t think is original but is very old; they also are rather warped.  Hands are correct; the day and month rollers are yellowed but readable, and no doubt original.  Old glass that I don’t think has ever been out of the door, the Fashion gold lettering shows some wear.  The pendulum bob is a replacement.  The 8-day time-and-strike movement is clean and signed “MANUF’D BY THE SETH THOMAS CLOCK CO. THOMASTON CT SOLELY FOR THE SOUTHERN CALENDAR CLOCK CO. ST. LOUIS MO.” Good labels inside.  The clock is running, keeping time, striking on the brass bell, and the calendar date hand is advancing but the weekday roller is not.  We sold two last July for over $1400.  $1200-$1500.

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