American Classical Clocks 95-264
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95.       $25

“The New Haven Clock Co., New Haven, Conn.”, cabinet clock, “Auris”, ca 1917. The mahogany case is 10 inches high, complete with all pertinent parts. The only change is a new paper dial, and it is signed in two places. Full back door with partial label, pendulum and key. The 8-day movement is running and it strikes a Cathedral gong on the half hours. Ly-New Haven #806. $50-$100.

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135.      $125

Sessions Clock Company, Bristol, Conn., metal cased mantel clock, “Diana”, ca 1910. For Sessions this is a large metal clock, 17 inches high and originally with a bronze finish, now dark but still a nice-looking clock. The dial paper was replaced, hands look to be correct, has a brass bezel with flat glass, and a pendulum and key. Not sure if the pendulum is original. Ly-Sessions #423. $150-$250.

264.     $375

Seth Thomas Clock Co. “Chime Clock No. 7”, ca 1914. The 14-inch case has a mahogany finish, gold plated sash, mat, and feet. The one-piece silver dial is coated with black. I thought at first it was badly worn but I believe the black will clean off. This dial is signed by Seth Thomas, has painted numerals, original hands, and a bowed glass. The chime winding arbor is in the edge of the mat, the slow-fast adjuster is just below the hand arbor. The 8-day movement is signed by Seth Thomas and is numbered, “89A”, while the Sonora Chime movement is numbered, “90D”. It has the correct wooden back cover, 4 Sonora Bells, a chime-silent lever on the side, and all other original clock parts.  The wood back has three Jeweler labels indicating the sale date of Dec. 24, 1918, and repairs in 1924 and 1928. Ly-Seth Thomas, pages 153. $400-$550.

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