Clocks 9-19
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9.         $75

“Jerome & Co., New Haven, Conn.”, round top mantel clock, ca 1870. The rosewood case is 14 ½ inches tall, has a full front door that hooks on the side, and one original glass in the door. Behind the door is a nice repair label dated 1882. Looks like it was cleaned for $.75. There is a label on the back, nice clean dial, correct hands, pendulum, coil gong, and the 8-day time and striking movement that is performing properly. The case has some black paint around the base and a round piece of wood trim around the glass, both just to make the case a little different. $100-$200.


cottage004010.jpg cottage004009.jpg

11.         $75

E. Ingraham & Co. very rare mantel clock, “Arch Column, No. 1”, ca 1860. This old clock appears to be all original except for a new paper dial. The 17” high case is hand grained on the sides, while the top, base, and front look like rosewood veneer, and the caps above the columns were said to be made of solid rosewood. The label inside is near perfect, has both a wire gong for striking and an iron bell for the alarm to sound on. The brass ring around the dial is signed, “May 10, 1859”. The lock holding the door to the case is missing. The movement is 8-day, held with mounting blocks, and in very good condition. This is an excellent example of a very early clock. You should read about this rare clock in Ly-Ingraham, pages 79-81, and 256-257. $100-$200.



12.        $100

“Seth Thomas, Thomaston, Conn.”, miniature mantel clock, “Rustic”, ca 1883. The case is 10 inches tall, mahogany door, pine case otherwise. The one-day movement is the ST type “A”. The clock is near perfect, cleaned and polished, has a new glass and repainted dial. Complete label inside, pendulum, ST hands, and the signed movement. Ly-Seth Thomas #2519. $150-$300.


13.        $100

Seth Thomas, Thomaston, Conn.”, miniature cottage clock, “Hood”, ca 1880. This little clock is 10 7/8 inches tall and for whatever reason did not make the Seth Thomas dealer catalogs or Tran Duy Ly’s books. For you connoisseurs of the ST mini clocks this one has the 30-hour time and strike movement “M”. I know folks who have collected 100 or more of these little ST miniatures. The painted dial is original, and signed, there is a complete label and a brass bell and it has the correct pendulum and hands. $100-$200.


15.        $100

“Atkins Clock Co. / Bristol, Conn.”, octagon top miniature mantel clock, ca 1875. It has a painted tablet, door latch, original painted dial, replaced hands, iron bell, and complete label. The 30-hour time and alarm movement is running. See #7 for Atkins reference. $100-$200.

14.        $50

E. N. Welch Manufacturing Co., Forestville, Conn.”, miniature cottage clock, “Sequin”, ca 1878. The rosewood case is 11 inches tall, original, and complete. The glasses, door latch, dial, pendulum, and movement, all appear to be original to this case. The label is complete and the movement is time only and running. Ly-Welch #399. $75-$150.

cottage004005.jpg cottage004004.jpg

16.        $75

“Jerome & Co. New Haven, Conn.”, octagon top miniature mantel clock, ca 1875. Great little 10-inch rosewood case with painted tablet, original painted dial, hands, label on the back of the door, pendulum, iron bell and the 30-hour time and alarm movement. I have never wound one of these miniatures but they sure look nice in various places around the house. $100-$200.


17.        $75

“Bradley & Hubbard, West Meriden, Ct.”, miniature cottage clock, ca 1854. Best known for blinking eye clocks they made some of these small box clocks prior to 1854. The rosewood case is 9 inches tall and in good condition. This clock has an old mirror, door latch, and an old painted dial that is a little rough but not bad enough to have repainted. The hands, pendulum, key, and label all look to be original. The alarm movement and bell are in the bottom of the case while the 30-hour time only movement is performing as intended. $100-$150.


18.        $100

Seth Thomas, Thomaston, Conn.”, miniature flat top with round base, ca 1880. The 30-hour movement in this case is their “P” movement, time, strike and alarm. It is running and striking hours on an iron bell. The alarm also rings on the iron bell. The mahogany case is 9 inches high, has a door latch, two original glasses, and a repainted dial. Complete label inside in addition to an old pendulum, alarm movement and the 30-hour time and strike movement. $100-$200.


19.        $100

“Seth Thomas, Thomaston, Conn.”, miniature flat top with round base, ca 1875. The movement in this case is their “E” movement, time and alarm. The movement runs 30-hours and is signed, “Plymouth, Conn.”. The glasses are good, dial was repainted, correct door latch, old pendulum, complete label, large iron bell, and the 30-hour movement that is running and operating the alarm feature as intended. The oak case is 9 inches tall and in excellent condition. $100-$200.