International Classics 394-410
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394.     $75

French marble cased clock with movement by “L Marti & Cie”, ca 1880. The attractive black marble case is 10 inches tall, has the usual brass hinged back door, beveled glass and sash over the perfect one-piece porcelain dial, and the original hands. There are two different marble styles making up the front, and gold filled incised designs. It has the typical French pendulum and round 8-day movement that strikes a nickel bell attached to the back of the movement. The movement is running and striking properly. $100-$200.


395.     $100

French marble cased clock with the typical round French 8-day movement and a standing gong, ca 1880. Neither the movement or dial is signed. The nice black marble case is 14 inches wide and 9 inches tall. On the back is a hinged brass door. There is a beveled glass in the brass sash over the two-piece porcelain dial and Brocot escapement. The dial is very nice except for one tiny repair at 9 o’clock. The marble is two toned with numerous incised decorations on the front that are gold filled. Overall a very nice example of the French marble clocks. $150-$300.


396.     $200

French clock, more elaborate than the normal French clocks we get, but not without its problems. The brass/bronze clock tower and side statue are mounted to a marble base. The base is resting on large round brass feet. On the back is a hinged sash with a bowed glass over the movement opening. On the front is a beveled glass in the brass sash. The black marble dial in this example is outstanding with deep incised numerals that are gold filled. On the top of the clocks are some books, one is opened. The hunter with his gun is holding a bird I assume he just killed. Great clock with only one problem, the ornament on the right side of the clock is missing. This piece is 14 inches wide and 14 ½ inches tall. The pendulum is correct, the 8-day movement is signed, “Japy Freres” and “Blot aLRouard”, and it is running and striking the nickel bell attached to the back of the movement. $250-$500.


397.     $100

Black marble cased clock, 17 inches wide, 9 inches high, clean and original. Neither the movement nor dial are signed. There is some ornamental marble on the front and a lot of incised, gold filled, designs. Over the dial is the sash with beveled glass. There is a very nice two-piece porcelain dial, original hands, and the French Brocot escapement. On the back is the typical brass, cloth covered door with incised designs to let the chimes better escape the case. The pendulum is the correct type, the 8-day movement is running and striking the standing gong as intended. $150-$300.


398.     $250

French 2-piece porcelain clock, “Old Paris”, ca 1865. The 8-day round French movement is signed, “Gilbert E.A. Paris”, and it has the typical makers circle with a name in it that I cannot read without taking the clock apart. The clock is 18 inches high, has no big problems just the usual small hairlines in the porcelain and the dial. The 8-day silk thread movement is running and striking a bell attached to the movement. The dial has a small chip at the strike arbor and some unappealing hairlines. The hands are correct, so is the pendulum and winding key. Overall a very eye-catching clock that I have paid over $1000 for in the past. $300-$450.

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404.    $125

Junghans bracket clock with Westminster Chimes and a large 8-day solid plate, triple wind movement. The movement is signed, “Junghans / BOZ / Germany”. Five hammers strike 5 long rods on quarters and hours. Inside are the correct brass pendulum bob and a winding key. The full size back door latches. It is in a very nice 18” high mahogany case, dome top, turned fluted columns, etched designs, and a latching front door. The door has beveled glass. Brass dial plate is covered with etched designs, silver dial ring, and a mottled inner dial. Two small silver dials above the time dial, one regulating, “Chime-Silent”, and the other, “Slow-Fast”. $250-$500.


410.     $80

German box clock, very much like the common box clocks we have sold in the past. The oak case is 30” high, has an applied ornament on top, unusual glass design, one piece of glass with metal dividers on both sides. There is a round glass over the silver dial. The case is a typical German box, rather plain, but there are ripple like designs on each side of the door. The movement is seatboard mounted that slides in the wall braces. The 8-day movement is running and striking on 3 chime rods. Brass pendulum bob and a winding key inside the case. $100-$200.