International Classics 416-473
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416.     $135

Junghans, Germany, wall clock that they probably made also as a shelf clock by leaving off the bottom piece. I must say, this is a very attractive case, clean and polished yet retaining the original finish. The mahogany case is 31 inches tall, has trim added each side of the door giving the impression they are columns with other trim pieces like bases and capitals. The door glass is in many pieces, all beveled and very nice. It has a silver dial with raised numerals and correct hands. The pendulum and 8-day movement are all original to the case. It plays Westminster chimes on the hours hitting five chime rods. The movement is running. I am not a great fan of these big heavy German clocks, but this one is very nice. $150-$300.

421.      $50

German wall clock, typical wood case with 3 glasses, bottom finials, but top is missing. The movement runs 8-days and strikes hours on a coil gong mounted to the back of the movement. There are a couple of hauling chips but otherwise the wood is nice and very attractive having a burl effect on the front. $50-$100.

432.     $25

2 nice little clocks. A Junghans miniature bracket clock, 10 inches high, walnut case with a few brass ornaments, finial ornaments over the front, , dial has a small plug out at 1 o’clock. The one-day movement is signed, and was running while I was inspecting. Nice clean silver movement with alarm dial in the back. Clock No.2 is a miniature New Haven in a mahogany case standing 7 ¼ inches high, complete and original. Bowed glass over the dial, hinged back door, standing Cathedral gong. The 8-day movement is running and striking half hours and hours. $50-$100.


447.     $150

Junghans stature with mystery swinging clock, ca 1900. Statue is about 12” high and with the swing arm in place it is almost 14” high. The porcelain dial is signed with the Junghans logo and “Germany”. There is damage on the dial at 2 o’clock and the pieces are down in the bottom. I don’t see how you could glue them back, but what do I know. The hands are correct. Bowed glass over the dial, winds and set on the back and it is running properly. The clock and statue are dull, have not been cleaned or polished, and look like all others we have sold over the years, for it is over one hundred years old and has its blemishes. $200-$300.


454.     $50

French carriage clock, ca 1880, signed only, “Made In France” on the 8-day time only movement. The brass case is 5 ½ inches tall, not as clean and polished as the 4 previous Waterbury carriage clocks. The dial and hands are perfect, beveled glasses on 4 sides and on top, two side glasses have small corner fissures. The movement is running. $75-$150.


456.     $25

German mini cottage, 9 inches tall. Not sure of the wood, maybe mahogany, has gold trim around the door and base that was poorly touched up. Original glasses, dial, hands, and pendulum. Dial is beginning to flake. Movement is 30-hour and running. $25-$50.


465.     $75

Oswald dog with moving eyes that tell the time. “S” label underneath. One-day movement is running. There is a small tip off the dog’s tail and the ear standing up has been repaired. Not a very good repair, could be made to look better. $75-$150.


473.     $50

3 very nice clocks. 1. German clock mounted in a piece of wood with rope around the wood and used as a hanger. 8-day time only movement is running. Not including the rope, it is 8 inches high. 2. German clock in a wood block, rope hanger, much more attractive than #1. This one is 8-day time and strike. 9 inches high not including rope hanger. 3. German Boulle clock under glass dome. Brass case is 9 ½ inches high with handle up. It is running. $50-$100.

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