International Classics 496-540
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496.     $50

French marble clock, ca 1890. I could not get a good picture because the marble is so black. Perhaps you can see the porcelain dial and the gold chimney bases, two on each side. The sash is holding a flat glass that has a small chip over the number 10, there is a good one-piece porcelain dial with metal center, and a correct pair of hands. On the back is a brass door. Inside is an 8-day movement signed only, “Medaille D’Argent. It has a correct French pendulum and a standing coil gong. $100-$200.


497.     $35

German steeple clock, in a nicely finished pine case with slant bottom and latching door. It is 15 inches tall, all original and has no repairs or additions. There is no label but the pendulum, nickel bell, and dial and hands are all original. The click is not holding the spring and I was too lazy to pull the dial and move it. The 30-hour movement strikes a nickel bell. $50-$100.


499.     $25

German porcelain clock with painted Dutch scenes. The 10-inch-high case is perfect and has no chips, cracks, repairs, etc. The one-day time only movement was used by the previous collector as a decorator item, ran many years ago when he bought it, now needs service. The dial is signed, “Mercedes / Made In Germany”. $50-$100.


533.     $125

French black marble mantel, ca. 1900.  A 38-lb marble (Belgian slate, really) mantel clock, 16 inches wide and 9 inches high.  There is a mottled marble front behind short marble double-columns with gold and silver incising along the bottom and around the dial.  The painted dial shows considerable wear; there is a beveled glass in the brass bezel. Brass hands and an outside escapement.  No chips, scratches, or discolorations to the case.  The round unsigned French movement is not running although the springs are fully wound.  Clock looks great but you’ll need to do some work to get it running. $125-$175.

Left view      Top view      Movement

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537.     $100

French balloon lever clock, ca. 1900.  This 12-inch mahogany clock has a blond wood inlay in three different woods for the scrollwork, leaves, and flowers; there are also small dots of mother-of-pearl or metal around the vinework. The porcelain dial has a filigree inset in a rococo brass sash and a beveled glass.  Good finish all around.  The lever-spring movement is unsigned and running and striking the hours and half-hours on cue.  $100-$150.


539.     $1700

English Eight-bell fusee shelf clock, ca. 1890.  An 18-inch mahogany-veneered case with an unsigned 8-day time-and-strike double-fusee movement, striking the hours on the large bell in back, and marking the quarter-hours on eight bells located above the movement.  You can listen to the three-quarter hour strike here.  The 8-inch painted dial is marked “Keeling, 3 Webber St., Blackfriars Rd.”  There are some nice applied carvings on the front, and two fabric-covered screens on either side beneath brass ring ornaments.  The clock is running and striking appropriately.  $1800-$3000.

Left view      Right view      Back      Top     Movement-1      Movement-2

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540.     $150

Serpentine Vienna, ca. 1900.  A 31-inch smaller Vienna with walnut sides, rosewood (?) veneer, and ebony trim.  The two-part porcelain dial shows some hairline cracks.  The time-only, spring-driven movement could not be coaxed to run.  A nice-looking piece.  $150-$250.