International Classics 579-740
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579.     $300

British United Clock Co. “Vanner & Prest’s” advertiser, 1885-1909.  This is NOT the Baird advertiser you might think.  The B.U.C.C. was in operation from 1885 to 1909 and modeled this clock after the more common Baird advertisers for this leather treatment (Molliscorium).  You can still buy Vanner & Prest horse care products today. It differs from the Baird clock in that the raised lettering is pressed into a tin cover over the wood bezels, rather than being formed of paper maché.  The clock is 30.5 inches long with an 11-inch dial that is flaking badly, but retains the BUCC logo.  The paint on the tin covers and case is in very good shape.  The 8-day time-only signed movement is running and keeping time. No label, other than instructions on the back.  These clocks are not common and I could not find a listing in the Antique Clocks Price Guide.  A nice complement to the Baird Vanner & Prest advertiser if you happen to have it.  $350-$500.

Open     Movement      Back      Label

710.      $50

2 clocks.  1. French Bakers clock, large and very heavy. It is 22 inches high, heavily decorated with mother of pearl, wood inlays, etc. Beautiful dial surround and case decorations. The inner portion of the dial where it is signed is also very nice and the hands are original. The dial is signed, “Du Bois A Rives”. The wood case is old but in excellent condition and it has the large Morbier type movement.  2. French desk clock, 7-inch-high wood case, part painted black, part natural wood. The pendulum is permanently attached and is running. Dial and hands are original. The movement is signed, “V. A. P. Brevete S. C. D. G.”. $50-$100.

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726.     $50

Junghans, Germany, shelf clock made like a bracket clock, ca 1890. The signed movement is resting on a wood seatboard and striking a standing gong. The movement is running but not striking properly. Silver dial is showing some age and wear, hands and pendulum are correct. Brass bezel with bowed glass attaches to push button release on the case side. With handle up the case is 15 inches high. $100-$200.


730.     $100

Two French carriage clocks. Mini is only 4 inches tall, has five beveled glasses, 30-hour time and alarm, movement signed, “H&H/Made In France”. Not running continuously. Larger carriage is 6 inches tall, 8-day time and alarm, porcelain dial signed “France”, movement signed, “Duverdrey & Bloquel/Made in France”. It runs a bit and quits. Neither have been wound in many years, needs service. $150-$200.


732.     $50

Wedgwood dresser clock standing 6 inches tall, perfect condition, has ivory looking figures on the front and sides. An exceptionally nice clock and it is running. There are also 2 German mini porcelain clocks. Both are very clean, one is back wound and is running. The second is quartz, did not check for running. $50-$100.


734.     $150

Austrian 2 weight Vienna Regulator, ca 1920. This is a very nice case/clock. The mahogany case is 33 inches tall, very plain by Vienna standards but like the later day Vienna’s, made more like a box. The full front door has a working key lock, multiple pieces of beveled glass, and a plain flat glass over the dial. The dial is a silver shade and has original hands. The movement is signed, “MORA”, and a beat scale in the bottom of the case says, “MORA A.D. Wien”. The weights, beat scale, pendulum, dial ring, and hands are all brass. The 8-day two weight movement is running and striking on one long rod. As I said in the beginning, this is a very nice clock, just plain looking. $200-$350.


738.     $150

French carriage clock, ca 1875. 8-day movement is running and strikes half hours and hours on a coil gong. Porcelain dial and hands are perfect, as are the five beveled glasses. The brass case stands 7 inches tall. It retains the original lever platform movement. An original carriage key is inside. There is no maker’s signature on the movement. The case is slightly dull, probably not polished in some time. $200-$300.


739.     $300

Swiss LeCoultre “Atmos” or atmospheric clock. A never wind modern perpetual running clock that operates on temperature changes and atmospheric pressure. The serial number on this clock is “176250”, which dates it about 1962. There is a presentation plaque on the bottom showing it was presented in 1963.The plaque could be removed if you so desired. The metal and glass case is near perfect, has all the original gold plating and is not pitted or tarnished and shining bright. The dial is perfect. The glass cover is easily removed, and the clock is set to running by releasing the lever on the front bottom. It is signed on the dial and the movement. It is 9.25” high and is running. $400-$600.



740.     $250

German elaborately decorated porcelain clock. The large case (22 inches high) was first fired with a white glaze then gold paint and painted flower petals were applied and fired a second time. The brass sash and hands also look like the gold paint on the case. The porcelain dial has an hour ring and a minute ring. The German 8-day lever movement is running and striking bim-bam on the half hours and the number of hours. It is a very impressive and attractive clock. $300-$400.