International Classics 741-758
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741.      $100

French marble clock, ca 1880. Finally, we can offer you a clock that will run silently and not ding ding and wake you up. It has an 8-day time only movement, unsigned, and running with a correct pendulum. The black marble case is 16 inches wide and 10 inches high, has some colored marble sparsely inlaid on the case front, and has gold filled incised designs on the front. There is a small chip on the base, back right corner. Beveled glass in a brass sash over the one-piece porcelain dial and nice French hands. There is no cover over the round opening on the back.  $150-$250.

746.     $50

French marble clock with a signed 8-day bell striking movement. The dark green marble case is 10 inches high and 9.5 inches wide, with brass beading around the outside edge of the front and an applied brass ornament below the dial. The bowed porcelain dial has some chips around the numbers 10 and 2, has original hands, and a bowed and beveled glass in the brass sash. The 8-day movement is a typical French movement, round, with bell attached. It rests on four brass feet. $75-$150.


750.     $50

Ridgeway floor clock, made in Germany, ca 1970’s. The 8-day movement is running and signed “Gravely Furn. Co. / Made In Germany”. It strikes Westminster chimes and has a strike-silent lever. The plain case is light walnut, and there are no frills or extras except the finial. The two doors catch with a magnet and the back over the movement is removable. That is a nice extra. The pendulum and pendulum rod are brass. The dial is very attractive with cast brass spandrels on the corners, a silver dial ring, and silver globe above the dial.  Extra clocks: Welby Corporation, Germany, two weight wall clock with an art deco design. It has an 8-day movement that is running briskly and striking three chime rods. It has two very large brass weights and a brass pendulum and numerals. The movement is signed, and the backboard slides out of grooves in the case back.  German one-day cuckoo. Not an antique but more post WWII vintage. Runs strong and strikes on a coil gong on the backplate. Weights, pendulum, hands, and wood carvings are all original and in excellent condition. $50-$100.

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758.     $300

Bulle clock, made in France about 1926, one of the largest models they made. As you know most you see are small with glass domes or in glass cases. They are reported to run one year on a battery. Bulle has always been no.1 for making electromagnetic clocks and are famous for their consistency even today. This walnut case is 21 inches high, the door has a bowed glass over the dial and a beveled glass below. The silver dial shows some fading and loss of finish. There is very little information on the web about these clocks but I did notice that wood cased Boulle clocks in good condition were selling on EBay for $1500-$2000 and more. Since I am not sure if it functions properly I set the minimum low. $300-$500.