Clocks 749-757
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750.     $50

Ridgeway floor clock, made in Germany, ca 1970’s. The 8-day movement is running and signed “Gravely Furn. Co. / Made In Germany”. It strikes Westminster chimes and has a strike-silent lever. The plain case is light walnut, and there are no frills or extras except the finial. The two doors catch with a magnet and the back over the movement is removable. That is a nice extra. The pendulum and pendulum rod are brass. The dial is very attractive with cast brass spandrels on the corners, a silver dial ring, and silver globe above the dial.  Extra clocks: Welby Corporation, Germany, two weight wall clock with an art deco design. It has an 8-day movement that is running briskly and striking three chime rods. It has two very large brass weights and a brass pendulum and numerals. The movement is signed, and the backboard slides out of grooves in the case back.  German one-day cuckoo. Not an antique but more post WWII vintage. Runs strong and strikes on a coil gong on the backplate. Weights, pendulum, hands, and wood carvings are all original and in excellent condition. $50-$100.

749.     $50

 Seth Thomas mantel clock, one of their Fleet Series clocks, “Fleet No.3”, ca 1913. Cases in this series of 3 clocks were made of old oak, standing 23 inches high, all had the same tablet showing three ships that steamed around the world in 1909 on what they called the “Wonderful Peach Cruise of the US Fleet”. The case is pretty much, “as found”, it is clean, retains a dark finish, has a full label on the back, and everything about the clock is original. The dial is signed and in original condition. Inside is the 8-day movement that is running and striking half hours on a wire bell. This clock also has an alarm that rings on a brass bell. Ly-Seth Thomas #2283. $50-$100.

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753.     $100

Bradley & Hubbard, “John Bull”, cast iron clock, ca 1865. They made these small iron clocks in a half dozen or more styles and used movements from Waterbury, N. Pomeroy, S.E. Root, and others. Some were signed, some were not. This is the first one I have seen that did not wind on the front, but I have seen pictures of others that wound from the back. They are called blinker or winker clocks for the eyes move and the movement ticks. The iron case is 17 inches tall, complete and original including most all of the paint. We removed the dial and the back, to inspect the movement. The balance wheel one-day movement is running. It is not signed and I have no clue as to who made it. During shipment to me the back of his pants and leggings, held to the leg with screws, came loose and broke away from one leg. When screwed back in place it fits tight and the break is not visible. Also, the eyes came loose. We have seen these sell as high as $2000 but in recent years more like $1000, even if they are repainted or have replaced dials, hands, etc. $200-$350.


751       $50

4 misc. clocks:  New Haven Clock Co. porcelain clock. This case is 12 inches tall, near perfect after being kiln fired. The objects that stand out all over the case have a touch of gold highlights. The movement runs 8-day and strikes a coil gong. Pendulum is accessed from underneath.  Westclox mini cuckoo, ca 1935. Mother bluebird swings back and forth feeding her nest of birds. Red flowers and green leaves. 30-hour movement, running, ornamental weights and chains. Height, 6 inches.  Desk clock, in stainless steel case standing 10 inches high.  Not signed except on the dial, “Imperial Clock Works / Birmingham / est. 1792”. Battery operated.  E. N. Welch hanging nickel cased, “Metal Lever”, ca 1880. This clock has a one-day movement. There is enough of a paper label on the back to identify the maker and the model. The nickel case is 8.5 inches across the back. This clock is pictured in Ly-Welch, page 232. $50-$100.


755.     $125

Yale Clock Company, New Haven, Conn. “Grandfather”, ca 1880. Miniature hanging or deskbound, grandfather clock. The ebony painted case is 18 inches tall with painted and etched designs on the wood, and colorful and original glasses. The pendulum time only movement is running, and the case and parts are all original. $150-$300.

754.     $100

Bradley & Hubbard, iron case clock, “Continental”, ca 1860. The clock was an early and very rare moving eye novelty clock. The movement is signed, “C Jerome”, and is a 30-hour time only, blinking and running at least a day. The paint on the old clock has some original and some poorly touched up. When I took the clock from the home I thought it was a reproduction. This is perhaps their most rare model and usually sells near $2000 if in decent condition.  The dial is a replacement but otherwise all original. The old glass is held in place with the original putty. This model is 16 inches high. $200-$350.


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756.     $200

Seth Thomas ships clock, signed, “Seth Thomas / U.S. NAVY”. Screw down bezel over the 8-inch black dial and white hands. Marked for 60 minutes or seconds, in two places and marked for a 24-hour dial. The movement is 8-day time only and running strong. The plastic? case is 10 ¼ inches wide. $200-$400.


757.      $50

Four (4) ceramic fern planter’s cuckoo’s, about 5-6 inches tall not including the chains and other hanging objects. They are all in excellent condition, some have names and numbers engraved on the backs. One has a label, “Made in California”. All may have been, do not know. $50-$100.

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