Clocks 254-260
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254.     $300

“Seth Thomas Sons & Co. / N.Y.”, signed on the one-piece porcelain dial of this early metal clock, ca 1872. The round 15-day movement is signed, “Seth Thomas Sons & Co. / Thomaston, Ct.”. ST named this fine clock, “No. 8029”. Not a very inspirational name and not one you will likely remember. The 26” metal case has a Verde finish, which is in the bronze family of finishes. The finish has worn and darkened over time. Nice signed porcelain dial, original hands, thick beveled glass in the sash over the dial, correct back cover, round 8-day movement, half hour bell strike, a correct pendulum, and a winding key. The collector of this clock had it many years before he noticed a tiny piece of metal missing on the right side. I would love to keep this clock, the largest of Seth Thomas and Sons metal clocks.  Ly-Seth Thomas #3254. $400-$600.



255.     $150

“Welch Mfg. Co. Bristol, Conn.”, walnut parlor clock, “Litta”, ca 1864-1887. This clock was named for Marie Litta, an American operatic soprano from Bloomington, Illinois. The very nice case is 23 inches tall, has etched designs all over, excellent gold glass, dial and hands, and Welch’s pressed glass pendulum. The 8-day movement is running and strikes a nickel cathedral gong on the hours. There is a small part of the label remaining. The two-top umbrella looking ornaments are missing on this clock when compared to pictures in Ly-Welch, however our clock appears to have never had more ornaments. Ly-Welch page 416 shows 4 examples. $200-$300.



256.     $600

Seth Thomas Clock Co. City Series clock, “Santa Fe”, ca 1886. Seth Thomas literally went out on a limb when they made this clock. It is so different from their other mantel clocks, for it actually looks like it was made of limbs, and has metal leaves attached over the case front. I have had them that had red berries between the leaves, most did not. This case is clean, inside and outside. The nickeled and damascened pendulum bob is polished, same with the nickeled gong base, nickeled pendulum hanger, and the nickeled dial rings. The dial is original and it has been cleaned a little bit, hands look to be correct, complete black label inside, and the glass is original for it is covered with leaves and branches. Movement is 8-day, signed, clean, running, and striking the Cathedral gong on the hours. This is a difficult City Series clock to find, particularly with all the leaves, cones, and twigs, intact. This is as nice an example of the Santa Fe that I have had in my auctions. Ly-Seth Thomas #597. $750-$1000.

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258.     $50

“Welch, Spring & Co., Forestville, Conn.”, mantel clock, “Italian No. 2”, ca 1874. They called this size a variant because of the size (13 ˝ inches) but it is more rare because it is one day, time and alarm. Nowhere is it acknowledged that Welch made a clock this size. The case is rosewood veneer, clean and polished, door lock, complete label, old pendulum, iron bell, wire gong, and original dial. Ly-Welch, page 408. $75-$150.



259.     $100

“E. N. Welch Mfg. Co., Bristol, Conn.”, inscribed on the 8-day movement in this parlor clock, “Pepita”, ca 1884. Welch named this clock for the opera “Pepita” originating in Barcelona, Spain and eventually performed worldwide. The walnut case is 22 ˝ inches tall, has a lot of classy jigsaw cuts and incised designs over the front of the case. The glass is probably a replacement as all the putty is missing. There are no labels on the back, only evidence they were once there. The dial, hands, coil gong, and pressed glass Welch pendulum are all original. The 8-day movement strikes on the coil gong and the alarm movement strikes a bell. It is running and performing properly. Ly-Welch #1428. $150-$250.


260.     $100

“E. N. Welch, Mfg. Co., Bristol, Conn.”, walnut parlor clock, “Roze”, ca 1885. Welch named this clock for the French Mezzo – Soprano, Marie Roze-Mapleson. The walnut case is 21 inches tall, has some attached ornaments on the top, and etched designs over the front of the clean and polished case. The glass, pressed glass Welch pendulum, dial, hands, and coil gong are all original to the case. The movement is signed, runs 8-days and strikes the coil gong each hour. The two labels on the back of the case are missing. As far as I can tell this is only the second “Roze” I have sold. The other was in the June 2001 auction. Ly-Welch #1442. $150-$250.