Clocks 261-266
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261.      $150

“E. N. Welch Mfg. Co., Bristol, Conn.”, walnut parlor clock, “Jansen”, ca 1885. This clock was named for Marie Jansen, a comedic opera star in the USA. The unusual designed walnut case is 22 inches tall, has turned finials and balcony on top, and etched designs that were typical of that era. The glass was replaced and the dial is clean and nice, otherwise the clock is all original and very nice. Excellent label on the back, typical Welch pressed glass pendulum, 8-day movement that is running and striking hours on a Cathedral gong, and a separate alarm movement that rings on a bell. Ly-Welch #1257. $150-$250.


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262.     $1500

Elmer O. Stennes, Weymouth, Mass., “GM1” grandmother tall case clock with 8-day Westminster chime spring driven movement by Smiths, England in Roxbury style mahogany inlaid case. It has reeded quarter columns and a fretted hood, ca 1968. This model has sold around $3000 since it was first introduced by Stennes in the 1960’s. It has a key locking door, with key, excellent brass finials, painted metal dial, long pendulum, and the clean and running 8-day movement. The excellent mahogany case is about 60 inches tall. $1500-$2500.


263.     $450

Chelsea Clock Co. Boston, banjo clock they called a “¾ banjo clock”. I suppose they called it ¾ because it is 32 inches tall where the larger banjo clocks are 36 to 41 inches tall and some even taller. It has an 8-day time only movement that is running properly. The jeweled balance wheel movement is ticking right along. The mahogany case is very clean and looks almost new but we know the consignor has been running it for years. Chelsea made the clock around 1925, signed the painted metal dial, had excellent glasses painted for their clocks that have always been snatched up by collectors. The reverse painted Mt. Vernon glasses are perfect. It also has the correct signed Chelsea winding key. They don’t come any nicer than this one. $500-$750.



264.     $375

Seth Thomas Clock Co. “Chime Clock No. 7”, ca 1914. The 14-inch case has a mahogany finish, gold plated sash, mat, and feet. The one-piece silver dial is coated with black. I thought at first it was badly worn but I believe the black will clean off. This dial is signed by Seth Thomas, has painted numerals, original hands, and a bowed glass. The chime winding arbor is in the edge of the mat, the slow-fast adjuster is just below the hand arbor. The 8-day movement is signed by Seth Thomas and is numbered, “89A”, while the Sonora Chime movement is numbered, “90D”. It has the correct wooden back cover, 4 Sonora Bells, a chime-silent lever on the side, and all other original clock parts.  The wood back has three Jeweler labels indicating the sale date of Dec. 24, 1918, and repairs in 1924 and 1928. Ly-Seth Thomas, pages 153. $400-$550.

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265.     $725

Seth Thomas Clock Co. wall clock, “Umbria”, ca 1894. Oak case is 40 ½” high, and is very clean and polished. It looks a lot like it probably did when it left the factory.  Both glasses are old, two door locks on the side, original painted dial with only normal wear, and no chips. It has three correct hands, original brass bob, wood stick, and brass beat scale. The brass movement is double spring, 15-day, time only. Nice correct clock with a heavy-duty movement that should give you a lifetime of good service. Ly-Seth Thomas, page 320. Booked and sold for $2000 a few years ago. $750-$1000.


266.     $6000

George B. Owen & Co. Regulator No.3, ca 1878 and/or Wm. L. Gilbert Clock Co. Regulator No. 7, ca 1881. George Owens made this clock but during this period he was General Manager of the Gilbert Clock Co. and also sold clocks thru his own company. This clock is one of the nicest and most attractive floor clocks we have ever offered. It has been in one Lexington, KY. family since it was purchased new. In recent history it never had the top piece in place because of its height, 9 feet. The floor standing jeweler’s regulator has an 8-day Swiss pinwheel movement with nickel accessories, i.e. dial ring, weight, and lyre pendulum. It has an excellent white enamel dial, door lock on the side as well as a door latch. There are no repairs or alterations to the walnut case but the top piece is missing a couple of the pegs that would hold it in place. If you cannot make them I will have it repaired and also make sure it is running before the clock is delivered. The backboard has an added section of burled walnut which was common in the early very fine clocks. The carved top featuring the lady is awesome. I found one auction company that has sold one of this model. It sold for $13,500 and it had some minor repairs and it also had brass accessories. I apologize for the outside picture. It was the only way I could picture it all together. The clock came to us as we were closing the auction. Ly-Gilbert #494. $7500-$10,000.

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